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Out of the Studio. Into the World.



Artmatters is an interdisciplinary course of study. Its evolving curriculum takes students out of the studio and into the real world, drawing on it as a source of inspiration and concrete information.

It asks students to reconsider the purpose of fine arts and applied arts beyond aesthetics,


commerce, and exhibitions.

And though offered through the Fine Art Department, the Artmatters Concentration is open to all students, from Applied Art and Design majors to Photography and Imaging; from Illustration to Film, and from Environmental to Graphic Design.

It is a place of cross-pollination and innovation.The Artmatters curriculum investigates the shift from individual expression toward collective experience; it’s where collaborative projects are realized, and the separations between artist and audience, and between school and ‘real world’, are broken down.


Los Angeles is our lab, an inexhaustible palette of concrete, here-and-now situations, many of them tangled. Close observation and critical perspectives propel our conversation about alternatives—other ways of living and new forms and functions for art beyond the traditional gallery context.